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Hee hee hee...

I'll share with everyone: At FurCon. my friend Bree had brought her lovely custom-made plushie. It's a dragon-wolf-dolphin thingy. Very cute and nifty. I had seen it before, and when I came up to Bree, another gal was admiring the plushie. Thinking quicky, I concealed one of those little squeakers in my hand...
Girl: "I can't get over how awesome this is!"
Me: "Oh, that's not the best part..." *pokes the head a couple times while squeezing the squeaker*
Girl: "Ohmygosh it squeaks!!" *prods unsuccessfully at plushie* *looks up forlornly*
Me: "Oh, no. You gotta press just right, see?" *squeak squeak*
Girl: "Oh! Ok!" *tries pressing harder*
Bree: "Oh for God's sake! He has a squeaker in his hand!!"
Me: *shows squeaker* "... I am a bad, bad man."

I later repeated the trick, making someone think their Derpy plushie squeaked when you poked her bubbles.
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Hoo! What a time... Think I remember everything...

Ok, first off, my rooming plans fell through. This meant I had to scramble for a place to stay at con, especially since my membership was already paid. Found some floor space, and hoped that my new roomies were not going to be sketchy... Speaking of sketchy, it should be noted that there was HempCon about half a block away from our space. I was really worried as to just how badly this would overlap...

Thursday: Had work that night, so I'm off at 10-ish, on the train and away. Ride was uneventful, and quiet enough for napping, which was good as I was short my usual morning nap. Arrived at the con, in time to find out that the roomies were off in San Francisco, having fun. I therefore checked my bag, and poddled around until they showed up, around nine-thirt. Met four of the five other folks in the room. The main person whose room it was was a petite trans FTM, and I knew she had some trust/control issues, so I tried carefully not to offend. The other 'last minute floor space' guy, not so much. More on him later. In any case, folks were met and chatted with, and fun was had wandering about. It was decided that shopping was needed, so we poddled on over to Safeway. On the way, I reacquainted myself with my love for Pita Pit, using a year-old coupon (no expiry date!). They not only gave me my free combo meal, but the 10% FurCon discount! Woo! At store, *insisted* that if they were to be purchasing condiments and cheese, *I* would see to it that we would have better than yellow mustard and american. Fancy brown dijon mustard and Tillamook sharp! Unwashed heathens had never before had any other sort of mustard? Sadly, I've only got floor space. Still, better than nothing.

Friday: The Hilton (where I was staying) had a water issue, with nobody in the entire hotel having any water at all. Still, went well enough. Yay! Con! Lots of fun! Loads of fun had. Got my annual supply of Absinthe-scented soap (realy quite lovely, I only wear it for special occasions), and that was tragically about the only real spending-money I had. Still, lots of nifty things this year, though a sizable amount of it was this I had seen before on previous trips. Still, great fun. Lots of new suits, of course, and loads of energy and excitement. Watched Uncle Kage's Story Hour - mostly old material, but still always entertaining.
Party floor was good, and I brought the Klingons four liters of YuJ'a. I had competition, though. Watcher had brought 'Praxis', which was his 'take' on Mexican Chocolate... Vodka, Gin, Cocoa Powder, Condensed Milk... and spices you'd be afraid to put in chili. CRAP was it hot! It sold well, by virtue of both being the most boozy thing on the menu and people daring their friends to drink it. "Did someone tell you to order this? Well, they are not your friend". I was presented with a fine Klingon shirt, in recognition of my years of providing them with boozings. Poddled back to room, passed out.

Saturday: Apparently, while sleeping on the floor is a pain (literally), and difficult, I sleep the sleep of the dead, as I never heard the new roommate come in during the night. However, I awoke to THE PAIN! I managed to do something to piss off my foot. I think wearing my SkeleToes shoes was a mistake, as they are slightly too small for my feet. Combined with walking lots, it was agony. I managed to wring a precious few dollars out of my wallet for some Tylenol at the front desk (blatant higway robbery at $5.99). Limping and cursing about the con, I was able to cope by virtue of lots of rest stops and the like. Would have enjoyed a cane. Took it easy. The Maquerade was good, but I ducked out to go off to the party floor again. MUCH more raucous, of course. Still, the Klingons acknowledged my 'place' lurking at the corner of the bar, so all was good. Watcher was bribing people with a Psycho Donuts 'pizza' of various flavors. Very nom.
During party, I had to bail - there was drama afoot. One of the roomies had basically been skeeving out the others (particularly the room owner), and then they found out he was on probation for molesting his little sister. I managed some limping back to my room before the confrontation (which happened at about one in the morning). He was summarily kicked from the room, though understandably upset. I did feel a bit sorry for him, having it happen that suddenly and badly, but... yeah.

Sunday: . In any case, Sunday was laid back, and foot much better. Enjoyed Uncle Kage ranting about pseudoscientific bullcrap. Dessert Social had tasty little pie-bits, and a peanut-butter shotglass mousse I rather liked. The Variety Show was excellent, and I enjoyed my Sponsor privilage in being able to be let in first. Many giggles. Still, this was the wind-down night, and after the show, everyone was left feeling just a bit sad... Was too drained to really do much more, and so headed bedwards. Floorwards. Whatevs.

Monday: Lots of packing up and cleaning. No WAY are we gonna win the 'clean room' contest, due to suit-fluff everywhere. Still, we did well enough. Said my goodbyes to roomies. Flumped off into the lobby, relaxed a bit, then felt the pull of reality. I whimpered 'I don't want to go!' at the doorway, then sighed and limped my way to the light rail. Ride home uneventful.
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"Dear ****,

Based upon your application and test results, the Court would like to invite you to interview for the Legal Process Clerk Position (Rec # 13-18). We have set aside time in the afternoons on November 21st and 22nd.

Please call at your earliest convenience between the hours of 8:00AM and 5:00PM to arrange a time for your interview."

PANIC! Flail around! Aiiieeee!!!


This... this is it... a real job. A real, honest to potatoes job... Oh god.. oh jeeze.. oh boy...


ecstatic ecstatic
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Wow... Ok.. this birthday was actually pretty rockin'.
Spent a very pleasant afternoon, including a lovely drive to Winters. Russell Boulevard is gorgeous this time of year, and it's a speed my car can handle. Nothing like a relaxing drive through the countryside to lift the spirits.
Had dinner with Dad and Patti at the Buckhorn. I've never eaten there before, and I have to say I was very impressed. During the course of dinner, father presented me with a small package. Opening it carefully, I had to fight back some tears.
It was the Hamilton.
Our family does not have much in the way of treasured heirlooms and priceless antiques, but this watch belonged to my great-grandfather, Roy Ralston. It is not a valuable thing, but having it entrusted to me... Wow.
In any case, entirely too much food was eaten - I shall not have to eat for a week, I think - and pleasant company of family had.
On the way to gaming night, Ran into Dan and Brandi just as they were leaving, and was additionally gifted! A nice card with a cat in a sweater, a Whole Foods gift card, and a lovely pocket edition of the Hobbit!
happy happy
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 So... yeah.. 40.


Really thought I'd have my life better organized by now, that I'd have accomplished... well.. anything. Instead, it seems all I can do to maintain what little I have.

May spend the day in bed.

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 Just poking LiveJournal so it doesn't think I've forgotten it or anything...

I've been funnelling most of my posts through Facebook, to be honest. Not sure if my relatives need to hear me froth about how bad my matress is, or my happily married friends hearing me bemoaning my single lifestyle.

In any case. It's Friday, and the weather outside is absolutely amazing. I think I'll take my tablet and lounge on the front porch with a cat and a cold drinkable.

... er, Proxi? Sorry if you'r reading this. The weather really IS very nice down here. You're welcome to come on by for a visit.

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UGH what a night.

So about two in the morning, there's a bunch of loud pounding and banging from the room directly over the lobby. My first impression is that some idiot has locked themselves out of the room, and is too drunk to deal with it in a mature fashion. Sure enough, the guy comes down. His key apparently works, but the door won't open. Right away, I'm getting 'twitchy stoner' vibes off the guy, so I make SURE he's got the right room. He's convinced that there is someone in his room, and all his stuff is in there, and etcetcetc... He's best described as 'agitated', to the point that he keeps interrupting me while I'm trying to verify everything, and make sure things are as they should be.

It takes a bit, but after some trial and error, I'm able to determine that no, the deadbolt hasn't been thrown, nor the security lock engaged. What he's dealing with is a door lock that is refusing to open. While dealing with this, the guy's friends (baby-momma and her current fling) storm out of the hotel in a huff, after some considerable argument. It should be noted that the baby-momma is the one whose card is on file, having rented two rooms, of which the stuck door was one.

The guy is still adamant that someone is in his room, etc, and I'm not able to get the door open. I resort to calling the manager, who has been going three days on a diet of cigarettes and energy drinks while studying. Manager tinkers with the door for a while, finally gets it open...
"So... uh... where's the TV?"

Yeah, the room was *trashed*, the flatscreen TV missing, and cigarette butts EVERYWHERE.

Needless to say, we will be charging a /considerable/ fee to the card on file. Police are called, just to get everything down, though we'll likely just handle things civilly. I expect the charge to be contested, but good luck there.

Icing on the cake: Stoner guy comes BACK, expecting to get into a new room. We are polite but firm in our requirement for a new card, and new identification, from him specifically, before we let him anywhere near one of our rooms again. He bemoans how the police impounded his car, etc... He spins a few stories, but it comes out that the cops tried to pull him over, and in trying to get away, he crashed his car... what an idiot.

*sigh* So yeah.. that's my annual 'dealing with the dregs of humanity', I hope.
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So let's see.. Saturday morning...

Mostly just bummed around a bit. Lunch was had at Peggy Sue's, a lovely 50s diner-themed place. Good eats with friends.

Upon return, learned from a distraught Graveyard Greg that Susan Van Camp - whom I adore greatly - was unable to attend due to very poor health, including having suffered a stroke... Collections are ensuing to help with bills and the like, but the word 'debilitating' was mentioned...

Watched the Critterlympics, which was silly fun as per usual. Keeping with the space theme, they had the 'space colonists' blasting off into space (Red Light Green Light), claiming asteroids (Musical Chairs variant), transporting their raw materials, collecting power orbs (balls), and finally repelling invasions (dodgeball). Good times all around.

Party time was MUCH more subdued. Security was actively checking badges, and a lot of folks were at the Frolic, which is a fur-friendly mega-party at one of the local bars. Groat showed up as 'The Dude' Lebowski, a look which he pulls off quite well. Unusual thing happened: They ran out of booze and drinkers at the same time! Still, I helped more than I should have, and was VERY wobbly by the end. Played Cards Against Humanity for about an hour, until soberish, then bed.

Woke up bleary, but no hangover. I'm pretty good at avoiding them. Still, was a bit derpish. I meandered to McD's, got food, then hung about until the GOH/Patron luncheon. Got to sit with Ursula and Kevin (can I use their first names now? Squee!). Amazing food there. AHI TUNA NOM NOM. The considerable contrast between breakfast and lunch was noted.

Then there was the Bronies Panel. Good times to be had there!

Then there was the FC Unleashed Variety Show. My Patron badge helped for that, as the line to get in was ENORMOUS. Good show. Very amusing. Bloop. Lightsabers.

Worth noting that Psycho Donuts had set up a lovely booth outside the main stage. Mmmm... Nutella The Hun donuts...

Was a bit worried about DustyKatt - he was very green around the gills and not looking good at all. For a tough guy like him, it was pretty unsettling. Tugrik was helping him out, though.

Monday morning was packing. Went to Flames. Hearing folks talk, I had assumed it was a nightclub, possibly of the 'rainbow decor' variety. Not so. Basic family dining place, with bar. Good eats.

Waited around.. got a few goodbyes in, then the Pull Of Reality came, and I left for home.
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Well, here I am at FurCon! It's Saturday Morning, and once again, I could go home *now* and have a perfectly valid con experience. My body would certainly be happy about that: I'm not as young as I used to be and wow am I in pain. Tylenol is helping.

Anyway, the rundown:

Thursday's arrival was delayed, due to the noted train incident. Still, a fine time to arrive. Being pre-regged and a Sponsor (I paid for it back in June, when I had moneys), I got to skip the entire, insane badge line. It's always a proble with cons that the reg line is crazy.

Had to lug around my enormous backpack, as well as four liters of YuJ for the Klingons, since the guys I always room with were showing up at 7:30. As a result, I'm pretty certain my vertebrae started to fuse together... Had some nice chatter with folks, and bumped into Jimmy Chin early on, so I'm sure he's happy to have got that out of the way...

The meet'n'greet had some VERY tasty tidbits. Steak sliders. Cheeses. Antipasto. And some lovely portabello fries with a ZESTY chipotle-lime sauce. Noms! Realized that I had been doing this now since '93.. 20 years? Dear lord.. no wonder so many folks look so old...

Friday morning was good and fun Picked up some Dr Scholl's from the local Walgreens, which seem to be helping. Also picked up some Pscho Donuts, which are awesome and tasty. I later directed Ursula Vernon to her Kaffeklatch again. I'm pretty certain she could have found it on her own, but she seemed to enjoy the added insurance and assistance.

Toured the Dealer's Den. Some old faces. Some new ones. Not really much urge to buy - I have what I need and want for the most part, and the really shiny things are beyond my shoestring budget. I couldn't even afford badges! Mostly poddled around, chatting and enjoying.

2 and Kage's comedy set was, as usual, hilarious. Kage's rendition of 'Rule Britannia' was excellent. After that, got to hang out with the Klingons. They were sucked nearly dry with alarming speed. Had it not been for what I brought them, they'd likely have run out fast. Good times , but some of the young kids (shakes cane) really had far too much. They were doing a variant of Edward Fotie-hands, which is where one ties two foties of a given beverage to your hands with duct-tape. These had added 'dingbat' to the mix, adding wings made by cuttting trash bags.

Waking up today - no hangover, but still pretty tired. Even after food, nodding off. May pop over to the Space Lounge for a nap. Yes. Nap good.
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So... on the train to San Jose. Cruising through downtown Oakland. On my way to FurCon.
Suddenly, the brakes slam on, hard enough that there is a burning smell.
Much consternation. PA comes on: "Folks, we are going to be here for a little while... we've, ah, just had a Trespasser Strike.."
Yeah... that means what you think it means...
Apparently, the train barely clipped the guy, and he is still breathing as they load him onto the ambulance, much to the conductor's amazement... Still not good.
Now we get to wait... Apparently, the situation requires swapping out the engineer, so they have to send one from elsewhere, etc.
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